Modeling Urban Growth Patterns

Volume 23, Issue 3, September 2013, Pages 63-76

Arman Khajeh Borj Sefidi; Ali Soltani

Exploring Iranian Tourists’ Image of Isfahan using Grounded Theory

Volume 27, Issue 2, June 2017, Pages 63-78

Amir Tayyebi; Kamran Zekavat

The Impact of Information Communication Technology on Urban Spatial Structure: a Recombinant Urban Design Approach

Volume 22, Issue 3, December 2012, Pages 65-74

Mohammad Sadegh Soheilipoor; Ali Ghaffari; Amir Shafiee

Physical Organization in Urban Design

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Kamran Zekavat

Sectoral Versus Metropolitan Spatial Planning in Tehran

Volume 28, Issue 2, July 2018, Pages 65-84

Vahide Ebrahimnia; Zohreh Abdi Daneshpour

The Production of Sociable Community Spaces in Inner-Tehran Districts

Volume 28, Issue 1, August 2018, Pages 69-84

Ali Ghaffari; fatemeh dousti; Mostafa Behzadfar; Abbas VarijKazemi

Examining the Role of Governmental Implicit Goals in Iranian Urban Planning

Volume 25, Issue 2, July 2015, Pages 71-88

Mozaffar Sarrafi; Jamileh Tavakolinia; Mahdi Chamani Moghaddam

Comparison of Geometry and Drawing Method of Karbandi Vault Samples 10,12,14,16- sided Karbandis

Volume 29, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 73-91


Shahrzad Aine-chi; Nima Vali-Beig; Farhad Tehrani

Optimizing Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings in Cold Climates

Volume 22, Issue 1, June 2012, Pages 75-86

Fatemeh Hashemi; Shahin Heydari

Identity and Public Space The Case of Young Female

Volume 24, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 75-94

Shamin Golrokh

Designing Heat Capacitor Wall with Indissoluble Garbage

Volume 20, Issue 1, November 2010, Pages 77-84

Mitra Khalili; Hoorieh Mashhadi Bagher; Zahra Ghiabaklou

Passive Defence in Tehran: An Evaluation of Legal Frameworks

Volume 30, Issue 3, 2020, Pages 77-94


Vahide Ebrahimnia; Mehrdad Ghaedi

The Bibliographic List of Iranian Cities

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Bahram Ghadiri

Gentrification and its Adverse Impacts: The Case of Tenants in Tehran

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Conceptualizing a Knowledge-based Urban Planning Framework for Tehran Metropolis

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Asrin Mahmoudpour; Zohreh A. Daneshpour

A New Approach to Drawing 10 Point Girih Motifs Using Baseline ‎Method

Volume 30, Issue 4, 2020, Pages 83-90


mohammad mannan raeesi; Majid Deheshti; Mahdi Khosh Nejad