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Original Article Architecture
From Corporeality to Embodiment Rethinking the Role of Body in the Transformation of Architectural Theories in the West

SeyedehSaeideh Hosseini Zadeh Mehrjardy; Hamid Mirjani; Hamid Nadimi

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 5-24


  In the past three decades new cognitive sciences viewpoints have highlighted the influential role of the body in cognitive processes; a role long neglected by the dominance of mind-body dualism in cognitive and intellectual domains such as architectural thought, despite the seminal role of the body for ...  Read More

Original Article Architecture
The Interactions of Cultural and Climatic Influences in Architectural Forms in Historical Qajar Houses in "Cold" and "Hot and Dry" Climates

Mohammed Reza Namdari; Ali Mash’hadi; Aila Sinai

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 25-42


  The physicality of historical houses in Iran have always been affected by various factors of their context, e.g., cultural factors, religious beliefs, rituals, religious approaches, social security and climate comfort, all of which affecting the quality of indoor spaces and formal characteristics in ...  Read More

Original Article Architecture
An Evaluation of the Effects of Shade on Open Space Thermal Comfort, and Establishing Thermal Comfort Zone

Shahrzad Taleb Safa; Masoud Taheri Shahraini; Xiaoshan Yang; Mohammad Reza Rabiei

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 43-59


  The rapid growth of urbanisation in contemporary era has increased the human need for open space. One of the most important principles of open space design is to pay attention to thermal comfort in order to improve the quality of space and satisfy users. Numerous factors affect the thermal comfort quality ...  Read More

Original Article Architecture
A Systematic Review of Fire Evacuation Modeling in Buildings and Defining the Framework of Safe Architecture Design for Egress

Atefeh Omidkhah; Mohammad Reza Bemanian; Mohammad Reza Hafezi

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 61-78


  Evacuation modelling is a tool for measuring the performance of building design for safe evacuation of occupants during emergencies such as fires. The first evacuation modelling efforts date back to the mid-70s. To date, a wide range of evacuation models have been developed, with numerous problems having ...  Read More

Original Article Urban Planning
The Role of Public Spaces within the Neighbourhood in the Improvement of Community Participation: The Case of Kooy-e Nasr District, Tehran

Mohammad Mehdi Azizi; Reza Pircar

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 79-98


  Public spaces play a key role in citizens’ participation in improving the urban environment. There are a series of factors and criteria including social interactions, environmental health, identity and the sense of belonging, safety and security, public trust, prosperity and local economic development, ...  Read More

Original Article Architectural Studies
Nasserieh Street, A New Communication Venue for the King and His People in the Nasseri Period

Mohammad Hasan Khadem Zadeh; Yasaman Gholami

Volume 33, Issue 3 , September 2023, Pages 99-110


  The Qajari Tehran was the capital and the foremost centre for important state ceremonies: opportunities for the general public to attend the king's presence on various national, religious, and other occasions, which included celebrations, mourning, Nowruz rituals, farewell ceremonies or welcoming the ...  Read More