The Preservation of the Effects of War

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The conflict between good and evil, justice and injustice in not a new phenomenon as the history of mankind has portrayed such clashes before and will in the future. If we examine our history carefully we shall see that after every war, the shi'ite muslims have tried to preserve all traces of the conflict. This was not only to demonstrate their rightneosness, but also to set an example for those who would continue their struggle of justice over injustice in the future.The heartrending events of "Karbala" and its aftermath may be regarded as an example of this experience and thus analyzed. Upon the basis of the results obtained, practical and evaluational foundations for the preservation of the remains of the war may be constructed: for as long as the values are not clearly established and understood, no constructive or capital investment which may be justifiable by the principles of the Islamic culture can be made.• Karbala: The site of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Ibn Ali and 72 of his followers on the 10th of Moharam 48 H.G (oct. 10th 680). The site of the battle later became a place of pilgramage to all shi'ite muslims.