Obituary of Mohammad Reza Jodat (1939- 2023)

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Mohammad Reza Jodat (1939–2023)
So fate had it that Mohammad Reza Jodat was the next to join those who have left us the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. The late Jodat was among the country's distinguished, reputable, well-known teachers of art and architecture. A painting artist and authentic architect himself, he also marvelled as a university lecturer and played an influential role in training students, architects and other experts in the profession.
Generally speaking, the late Jodat was an independent academic and professional with a passion about contemporary art and architecture worldwide, and about his country's progress and prosperity. He was very humble and informal in the ways he talked and acted, whilst maintaining his authority in teaching and research. His was a life spent observing ongoing experiments the way most socio-culturally sensible artists and architects do, craving for growth, and searching for creative solutions in order to play his constructive part in the development and evolution of contemporary art and architecture.
May his soul rest in peace and happiness and his memories celebrated