Architecture as the Mediator of Human Perfection: A Survey on the Nature of the Relationship between Human and Architecture Based on Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai’s Philosophy

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Assistant Professor at Department of Architecture and Urban Development, Centre for Iranian Architectural Studies and Documentation.


The thousands of years of history of architecture make it clear that there are relationships between human and architecture. Today, influenced by the prevailing understanding of architecture, we take this relationship for granted; But our current understanding of architecture has obscured the hidden angles of the relationship between human and architecture. In this research, we have studied the relationship between human and architecture based on the philosophy of Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai. The main question of this research is: What is the relationship between human and architecture if we look at the world from the philosophical point of view of Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai, is the main question of this research?
In this research, we have first clarified the main terms of the discussion, that is, the meaning of “human” and “architecture as a Human practice”. Then we have introduced a part of Tabatabai's theoretical system which includes his philosophical worldview and the relationship between Human and his practices. In the following, we have tried to explain the concept of architecture in terms of Tabatabai's way of looking at the world. Finally, we have described the relationship between human and architecture from the perspective of Tabatabai philosophy. we have shown that, firstly, architecture is among the Artificial actions of human and one of the possible movements in the world, and secondly, whenever human engages in architecture, while changing of the world, he also changes himself, and at the same time he establishes something in the material world, He builds his own soul and stores knowledge, and in this way he attains the perfection.
This is qualitative research and its main method is rational reasoning; However, in expressing the theoretical foundations of the research and extracting its main concepts, we have also used the method of thematic analysis. The present research is organized into five chapters: Introduction, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai's philosophical system, architecture in Tabatabai's view, and conclusion.


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