The Challenges of Inner-City Airports for Urban Phyisico-Spatial Development: from Activity Organisation to Relocation, the Case of Tehran Mehrabad Airport and its Influence Area

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Tehran University of Science and Technology

2 MSc, Urban Planning, Tehran University of Science and Technology


Airports were initially comprised of isolated land uses in urban outskirts, but are now increasingly finding themselves within expanded towns. Local activists are, therefore, faced with a paradoxical situation: they need to emphasise the key role airports play to attract passengers on one hand, and protect the quality of life in adjoining areas on the other. In this context, the question is what are the main approaches in dealing with ramifications of inner-city airport activities: relocating them, or allowing them to carry on. The answer sought here is based on a qualitative approach and investigating a case, namely, Tehran Mehrabad Airport and its influence area in southwest Tehran (District 9). A study of global experiences highlights three solutions: continuity (a symbiosis between the city and the airport), reduction (an interaction between them), and relocation (a conflict between them). The analysis of the side effects of Mehrabad Airport activities (economically, physically, environmentally, and management-wise) shows that whilst suffering from airport activities, local residents gain little from airport operations. This is despite the fact that these activities are beneficial regionally and even nationally. The paper concludes with recommendations to mitigate the situation caused by Mehrabad Airport activities on its influence area.


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