A Study of the Location and Condition of the Historical Baths (hammams) of Tabriz

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Faculty Member, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar


During the Ilkhanid dynasty (Ilkhanate), many baths (hammams) were built in Tabriz but the existing old baths (hammams) in Tabriz date back to the Qajar era and after, which is after the destructive earthquake of 1194 AH. After the 1194 AH earthquake, Najaf-Ali Khan Donboli the ruler of Tabriz, built a new wall around the city and possibly baths (hammams). About 100 years after that in 1297 AH, one of the most credible city maps of Tabriz, the Dar-ol-Saltaneh map was drawn. This map may be the most complete map drawn of the city of Tabriz until the end of the Qajar era and therefore is a credible document for studying the city in this period and locating the old baths (hammams) which mostly date back to this period. In this article by employing the Dar-ol-Saltaneh map and field studies in the city, an extensive list of baths (hammams) in Tabriz and their current condition is obtained.