Application of Value Engineering in the Improvement of Construction Project Design

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1 Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University

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The state of construction design has a significant impact on increasing the building value and employers try increasing the building value by improving the design. An Employer has two methods to achieve this. The first method is selecting a qualified designing consultant and handing over the design responsibilities and the second method is generating various design alternatives through methods such as Value Engineering. In the second method, considering the specific needs of the employer and focusing on value and group thinking allows the production of better design alternatives. Meanwhile because of the various design suggestions, it requires defining criteria to evaluate these alternatives. The Following criteria were obtained through library studies and interviews with architecture and civil university lecturers: Saving energy, Accessibility, Complying with the employers wishes, Plan Efficiency, Stability, Safety, Beauty, Human Function, Developability, Feasibility, Initial cost, Life cycle cost, Environment, and Optimal use of land. In the end, the results of a Value Engineering workshop in a sample project are stated.