The Concept of “Function” in the Thought of Louis Kahn

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Assistant Professor, University College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran


What we identify today as function is a result of theoretical definitions in opinions and theories of architects and architectural historians, particularly in the 20th century.Contemplating the essence of the concept of function and understanding its true meaning requires a study of its meaning in the ideas of that have had a major part in the evolution of fundamental concepts of architectural theorizing. This article is an attempt to review and define the meaning of the concept of function in the thoughts of Louis Kahn by studying his ideas in architecture.This article consists of two main sections; in the first section, the thoughts of Louis Kahn in architecture are studied. In addition, based on the fundamental terms and expressions used by Louis Kahn and by studying his theoretical views, the philosophical basis of his thoughts in architecture is interpreted. The second section, based on his thoughts in architecture, tries to interpret and define the concept of function. This study provides a theoretical context for the fundamental study of the concept of function in regards to architecture.