Logical Argumentation as a Research Method

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Lecturer, Art and Architecture Complex, Yazd university


Logics and logical argumentation may be among the most common terms in the area of human knowledge. The nature of these notions, which places them in the focal point of the shaping factors of all human knowledge, can well justify this fact. In the broad context of human knowledge, it is possible to find many areas in which gaining or attaining knowledge in a particular way is based on the strength of logics and logical argumentation in order to shape a justifiable explanation system. In other words, we should consider logical argumentation as the only research method in the mentioned areas of intellectual knowledge. The author tries to examine the status of logical argumentation as a research method and strategy especially in architectural research. Here we also outline the specifications of a research with the use of such a strategy.

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