The Role of Urban Design in Teaching Residential Complex Design

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University


The aim of this paper is to describe the methodology employed in the Residential Complex Design Studio, with emphasis on the role of urban design and a procedural approach in formation of residential space. Design studio is the backbone of architectural education and it is imperative that design studio pedagogy needs to be encountered in its broadest sense. Designing a residential complex is a multidisciplinary system consists of interrelated subsystems, which requires a procedural approach and simultaneous design of whole and part at different scales. Design pedagogy in this studio is thus based on a multi dimensional approach including both substantive and procedural aspects. The students’ creativity is encouraged with respect to realities and constraints, inhabitants’ needs and design presumptions. This paper covers three main parts: studio objectives, course substantive structure, and educational methodology.

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