Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Fabrics

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


1 PhD Candidate, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

2 Human Settlement and Environment Development Research Institute


Deteriorated fabrics suffer from physical deficiency, lack of services and urban infrastructure, unfavorable environmental conditions, and socioeconomic and cultural problems and urgently need comprehensive rehabilitation. The Third and Fourth Development Plans and government financing allocated in the Budget Law indicate the concern of the government for deteriorated fabrics. Nevertheless, no comprehensive set of measures have been implemented which could be considered as a model in terms of scale and efficiency. Since the problems of our deteriorated fabrics are different in terms of their socioeconomic, cultural and physical dimensions, the solutions and measures implemented in other countries could not be directly applied to the Iranian case without being thoroughly localized. Such solutions should be diverse while being based on clear administrative strategies. It is thus essential to elaborate a national strategy for a coordinated stakeholder action to rehabilitate existing deteriorated fabrics and prevent formation of such fabrics in future. This paper reviews the experience of rehabilitation in Iran and proposes key actions for elaboration of a national rehabilitation strategy.

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