The Evolution of Eivan

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1 Conservation and Restoration School, Art University of Isfahan

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch


Eivan—a deep covered recess overlooking the courtyard—is a key element of domestic architecture in hot arid climates. The Yazd-Ardakan Plain is a rich water basin in the central Iranian Plateau which is home to cities such as Yazd, Ardakan, Meybod and Mehriz. This paper reviews the evolution of eivan in traditional houses of this Plain between 14 ~19 century AD. Some 12 houses of Mozaffari period (circa 14 century) and 30 houses of Safavid period (circa 15~18 century AD) were studied, while houses of before and after this period have also been referred to where appropriate. It is concluded that although its proportions, area, construction techniques and its relation to other spaces have changed over time, eivan has definitely been a key element since at least early Islamic period and has maintained its prominent role in domestic architecture throughout later centuries.

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