Inscription of Ibrahim Sultan

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PhD candidate, Faculty of Arts, Tarbiat Modarres University


Ibrahim Sultan (796-838 AH) was a Timurid prince who ruled in Shiraz since 817 AH. He was a patron of arts and a renowned calligrapher. His calligraphic inscriptions which were all within his territory of rule, have been frequently referred to by historians. Nevertheless, only a few of those inscriptions remain today. Three of these inscriptions are carved in Persepolis. These inscriptions mention poems of Sa'di and refer to the name of the calligrapher, Ibrahim Sultan. His undated inscription in the mausoleum of Ali-ibn-Hamzeh probably belongs to another building. There is another undated inscription in the Atiq Mosque, which could be his decree of appointment as the ruler of Shiraz and is probably his calligraphy.