Application of Seismic Risk Assessment Models in Urban Planning and Design

Document Type : مقاله کوتاه


1 Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti University

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This paper presents the results of an earthquake risk study conducted on a district of Tehran Metropolitan area. After a brief review of the theoretical bases and relevant successful experiences, various structural and socioeconomic indices for analytical modeling of the seismic vulnerability in urban environments are explained.A combination of DELPHI and AHP in a GIS environment is used to apply the analytical model to the district under study. The vulnerability criteria are categorized into two structural and urban sets with a respective weighting factor. Using these indices, the structural vulnerability of each building is estimated. The effect of urban conditions is applied through an amplifying factor using the corresponding urban indices. A scenario based vulnerability evaluation procedure thus yields the priority of implementing the precautionary measures in various parts of the district. The proposed analytical model is also applicable to any other urban setting.